18 October 2007

Driving Gripes!

Goobers who think STOP is spelled Y-I-E-L-D, and think YIELD is spelled S-T-O-P.

Goobers who think it's OK to make a left-hand turn on a green light...FROM THE OUTSIDE LANE on a 4 lane road. In front of traffic.

Previous Goober's other brother Goober who thinks it's OK to make a right-hand turn out of the LEFT-HAND TURN LANE. At least they're only crossing 2 lanes, now.

Goobers in monster SUV's who come to a complete stop before crossing over parking lot speed bumps.

Their distant cousin Goober Andretti who treats a parking lot as their own, personal Indy 500.

Goobers so wrapped up in their cell phone conversation that they don't notice that they're going 15 MPH under (or 40 MPH OVER) the speed limit.

Goobers who think they're the only one on the road...and drive like it.

Goobers who think that if they tailgate me really, really, closely that I'll speed up.

Goobers who tailgate me closely in order to get me to speed up on a 6 lane road, where the other 2 lanes in our direction are totally empty. PLENTY OF LANES ARE OPEN. PICK ONE THAT I'M NOT USING.

Goobers who decide they need to pull out in front of me, and then go slow. Usually THERE IS NO ONE BEHIND ME AND THEY COULD HAVE WAITED.

Goobers who drive with only their parking lights on at night, or when it's pouring down rain. HEY, GOOBER...YOUR HEADLIGHTS HELP ME TO AVOID HITTING YOUR STUPID ASS CAR.