06 March 2006


I may have come across a nice solution to my blogger.com client editor in the form of drivel. Here now, just because I use drivel means that I post drivel!

drivel allows me to highlight the embedded html tags, and does some spell checking. As this dumn Aggiee can attest, I'm not always the best speler.


One advantage that BlogGTK has over drivel is that one can define "macro" tags. For instance, when I'm quoting a source, I like to italicize and blockquote so that it looks like this

Goober? I knew Goober. You're not worthy to carry Goober's jock.

I've defined that sequence for BloGTK, so it's simple and easy. I'll have to poke around in drivel's innards to see if the same can be done for it. On the other hand, drivel understands blogger.com's Atom 2.0, so ideally the formatting and post titles come out as intended.

Update: Yes, it does preserve the formating! ya-hoo!


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