02 March 2006

An Observation

I've been hit and miss about updating the blog. But I do have one spitwad to share tonight: when I'm motivated and wound up, the words just flow from my fingers. When I'm not, I get serious writers block. Go figure.

Also, if anyone has a pointer to a good "off-line" linux blogger aid, I'd appreciate it. I'm not wild about Blogger's web interface - it is rather cool, but I've taken a peek at the HTML it generates, and ummm...the less said the better - and I've tried GNOME's gnome-blogger thingie. It's OK, but it has issues with formating, and the Title ends up as the first line of the post, not in the Title like you'd expect. I've also taken a peek at some LISP add-ons for emacs, but I couldn't get them going. But I also haven't tried that hard, either.


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